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Just a little info here about the JayTradingLive Stock Picking Service. is a stock picking service but it is also much more than that. Along with bringing our members great stock picks each and every trading day, we also provide stock market education, stock charting education, technical analysis video tutorials, trading rules and guidelines and much, much more. Our stock picking service uses research, experience and technical indicators along with stock charting patterns to comb through thousands of stocks. The result of this research brings strong stock picks to the table that could be put to work using day trading strategies, swing trading strategies or options trading strategies. The stock picking service reveals stocks that are ready to move right now, either on the 60 minute chart or the daily chart. These great stock picks are not the result of a computer program. They are organically discovered.

First of all, I locate stocks that “move.” Stocks that inherently tend to have good price movement or volatility. Secondly, I look at the charts of each stock that meets my first criteria. I look for any recognizable patterns, trend lines, support and resistance lines and channels. Then, I look at the 20, 50 and 200 EMA’s. I do this just to get a feel for where the stock is sitting in relation to its recent past. Finally, I use a combination of two technical indicators in a stock picking system that I have developed and perfected throughout my trading years. When the combination of these two indicators, along with my other “health” assessments intersect and “verify” their respective signals, or show the prospect of doing so during the upcoming trading day -- then that stock is added to the WATCH BOX stock picks.

With the actualization of these indicators crossing and verifying one another, the stock is moved to the HIT LIST. This stock picking strategy has proved to be very trustworthy through Bull Markets, Bear Markets and in range bound markets. I am a self-proclaimed expert on these indicators when used in conjunction with one another, and I do not know of anyone else who uses them in conjunction. As you follow my trading videos, you will probably start to discover which indicators they are, and that’s completely okay. I may even reveal a few of the patterns the indicators themselves give off to create a HIT LIST Trade. It has taken me years of study, modifying, perfecting and adjusting with the indicators to exact their movements and signals and it will be fun to share what I have learned.

Anyway, I hope you give my stock picking service the two week free trial and find out for yourself how well it can work for your trading.